A mix of old-school rock like Led Zeppelin and new-school mashups of mould-breakers Arctic Monkeys fused with the swagger of Oasis means Bravado Cartel! are moving their genre forward and are definitely ones to watch." 
Imogen Bell Apollo fest 2013.

Hailing from in and around Yorkshire, 

Brit rock giants Bravado Cartel grab the genre-defining bull by its horns and in a blood red haze drive it from the arena with the accompanying mantra to ‘stand up and be counted’.


The Yorkshire five piece are assaulting the ears of the music scene , with what can only be described as a Rock n Roll riot. Their sound has been described as “High octane, thunderous drums, fresh funked up synth, driven ‘lead’ bass lines and screaming, slightly menacing guitars all held together by linchpin lead singer Will Bloy’s distinctive message riddled lyrics”.

Billed as ‘the most dynamic and energetic live act representing the North of England today’ Bravado cartel! Are the band you always wished you were in . From set start to finish the audience are in rapture, captivated by the performance, drawn deeper into the bands conscious with every note, guided by every lyric, enthralled by the commanding onstage performance and highly charged persona of frontman Will Bloy.

Bravado Cartel! ,  inspire an army of followers who believe that they are, without question, the band that will define a generation!!

Will bloy